The site selection must be reconsidered. All the information needed to show that the wrong site was chosen is here on this website.

This is not just a local issue. It will affect people from far and wide and future generations.  These people need to be represented.

But very few people know about the plans. You now know about the plans. Please do some or all of the following:

  1. Copy and paste the email and send it to all your friends and contacts. (You could attach the flyer).  They need to know that this is happening.
  2. Spread the word about this website and issue though any other way.
  3. Print out this flyer and circulate it, pin it to local notice boards.
  4. Collect signatures for a petition to the State Ministers of the Environment, Heritage, and Tourism.
  5. Put it on the agenda of any meetings you can: eg environmental groups, heritage groups, School groups, outdoor activity groups, Scout groups.  Get the group to write to the representatives below. Letters from groups are good because they need to be replied to.
  6. Email, write or talk to your representatives at every level of government. It is their job to represent the people in their area and that includes you.   They need to know.  (They have assistants who sort their emails and mails so do not hesitate to contact them.)

You can write you own email or use the template provided to send to your representatives.

Your Representatives

Mundaring Shire

Template for email to the Shire. Send email to

 Find your Ward

West Ward:  Helen Dullard, Tony Cuccaro, Pauline Clark
South ward:  Daryl Jones, Colin James, Eva Marjanovic
Central  Ward: Alan Pilgrim, Jenny Johnson, Liz Wysocki
East Ward:  Patrick Bertola, John Daw, Stephen Fox

Other Shires: If you are not a resident of Mundaring Shire, write to the Mundaring Shire President:  Helen Dullard 

State Government  

Template for email to

Federal Government

Template for email to


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