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Mundaring Weir Village is a major eco-recreation and tourism destination set in forest within easy reach of the Perth Metropolitan region. The area is strongly associated with the water pipeline that has shaped the development of much of Western Australia.  The Golden Pipeline is one of only three internationally recognized civil engineering landmarks in Australia. (See the map of the village.)

Mundaring visitors centre is located on the Great Eastern Highway in Mundaring. Mundaring Weir village is 6 km south of Mundaring along Mundaring Weir Road (Scenic Drive Route 207). Alternatively the area can be approached from Kalamunda which also has a visitors’ centre .

If you approach Mundaring Weir Village from Mundaring you will see its attractions in the following order:

The Lavender Patch is a bed and breakfast, garden and tea rooms and function centre.

Fred Jacoby Park is a popular family picnic area.  It is home to one of the largest and most important traditional roosting sites for Baudin’s Black Cockatoos in the Southwest. Up to 500 birds use the roost site in autumn and winter each year.  Baudin’s Black Cockatoos are an endangered species. See Environment for more information

The Mundaring Weir Forestry Settlement is an important environmental heritage site.  The site has protected and managed 100 000s ha of forest to ensure the quality of the water entering the water supply. The DEC still occupies a small part of this site, which is still State Forest, and manages the catchment from here. The Water Corporation plans will destroy this site.

The Bibbulmun track, the Munda Biddi Trail the Kattamordo Heritage trail, the Kep track and five other tracks or trails pass through this area. There are more walk and cycle trails in this area than in any other area of Australia.

Parking: There is a very large car park at the end of Allen Road.  It is the only large car park in the village and is used by visitors to Perth Hills National Parks Centre, the campsites, and the Kookaburra Outdoor Cinema. It is a convenient place to leave a car while walking or cycling one of the many trails in the area.

The Perth Hills National Parks Centre (PHNPC) is situated within Beelu National Park and is operated by the DEC. This educational and visitor centre runs the Nearer to Nature activity program which “provides fun, interactive, nature-based activities.

The Kookaburra Outdoor Cinema is “set in spectacular state forest providing a dramatic background to the on-screen entertainment and is a wonderful way to spend a summer’s evening.  Attendance sometimes exceeds 600 people”.  The 14 ha site is directly adjacent to the Cinema

The Water Treatment Plant. The Water Corporation plans to locate the 14 ha Water Treatment plant at the corner of Mundaring Weir Rd and Allen Rd in the heart of the village. But why? The Water Corporation’s site selection process was a catastrophic failure.

Mundaring Weir Gallery is located in the Mechanics Hall. This gallery specialises in Western Australian Art and Craft.

The Mundaring Weir Hotel is a very popular recreational and tourist destination for people from all over,  and has a very interesting history. The concerts in its amphitheatre can attract more than 1200 people.  This year’s programme features many well know entertainers. It also provides accommodation, meals and Sunday entertainment.

The Youth Hostel is set in the National Park across Mundaring Weir Rd from the hotel.

Mundaring Weir is an international attraction. At the northern end of the top of the weir is an attractive recreational and picnic area which contains the C. Y. O’Connor memorial and the Rose Garden. (Wikipedia)

Number 1 Pump Station museum (formerly C. Y. O’Connor Museum) at the base of the weir.  The Golden Pipeline begins here and this museum tells the history of the construction of the weir and of the legendary C. Y. O’Connor . This is a great educational experience. At the south end of the weir is a lookout which shows the most familiar view of the weir. There are picnic areas at the base of the weir.


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