The WC’s proposals

The WC propose to put three  large industrial facilities in the historic, recreation and tourism destination the Allen Rd/Jacoby Park area.    This plan

  • makes no provision for future development;
  • is much more expensive than the proposal by SMWV;
  • destroys a National Trust listed site;
  • requires the construction of massive retaining walls in a recreation and tourism area;
  • spoils the amenity of the area; and
  • threatens the survival of endangered Baudin’s Cockatoo.

The WC’s proposals have evolved from an initial decision to locate the WTP in the DEC site.  This decision has gradually become at odds with the criteria.  Then in late 2009 when no alternative site could be found for the DEC HQ and Depot and the need for a substation was realized the plan had t be revised.  The WC’s current plans, such as they are, originate from this time and have become unjustifiable.


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