Timelines for the two proposals

The WC’s plans for the upgrade had to be revised  when no alternative site for the DEC was found.  The decisions to include the DEC depot in the site chosen for the WTP extinguished all the plans for the WTP up to that time.  The WC is currently selecting partners for a PPP to design, construct, maintain, run and finance the WTP.  The partners have not been shortlisted nor designs begun.  The WC is free to adopt the proposal by SMWV.

The Firewood Rd site has already been assessed with the site selection criteria and has been exposed to an extensive public consultation.  The chief concern at the time was environmental impact but as Eric McCrum points out much of this was due to a misunderstanding of the vegetation communities resulting from the maps used for the concept plans. The proposal to locate the WTP at Sawyers Valley Hill received support from the EPA.  The vegetation at Firewood Rd site is in poorer condition than that at Sawyers Valley Hill.

SMWV plans for the WTP and substation could be

  • started before the proposal by the WC because the Firewood Rd site is empty.
  • completed quicker because the earthworks required are far less extensive than at the DEC site.

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